Brake Repairs

It is imperative you keep your brakes well maintained. You never know when you might unexpectedly hit traffic and have to make a sudden stop, or when a kid might run out in the middle of the street without seeing you coming. Having them go out could cause a serious accident. Our professional opinion is that brakes should be inspected at least once a year, especially if you commute a lot and often take long road trips.

We invite you to come to Nor Parson Service Center Inc for our excellent brake repair service.

We also recommend you have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic if your brake pedal feels spongy or hard, or you continuously hear squealing or grinding sounds as it could be a sign of bad brakes. Our car repair shop understands the brake system; from the drum models to disc models and electronic anti-lock brake sensors, brake pedals to hydraulic brake fluid, and brake master cylinder to power brake booster. We’ll make sure you are up and going in no time with proper repairs and brake replacements when needed.

We also offer auto body repairs, tire rotations, oil change services, and automobile inspections. Call Nor Parson Service Center Inc now and let us know how we can best serve you!

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